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Default Make your own .NET IDE!

Well, not really. Have you ever wanted to test a snippet of code without having to go through the whole process of creating a new Visual Studio.NET project though?

Well, now you can. Just compile the attached code, run the program, write the code and run it. It works with C# and VB.NET, just choose which one you want from the menu.

I'm not terribly gifted in the art of developing my own ideas for programs so I should mention that someone else has done this before. It is called the SnippetCompiler.

The program attached here is meant to be a no frills edit and run program so there is no syntax highlighting or printing or even editable references or compiler options yet. It does allow you to open and save snippets as well as redirect the output of the snippet to an output window within the application. If there are compiler errors double clicking them will bring you to the line that caused the error too.

Check it out if you are interested. I should mention that it comes with some prebuilt snippets and has been tested with a number of examples from the Framework SDK.
Subclassing|Magnetic Forms|Operator Overloading (VB2K5)|QuickSnip.NET

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