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Default Update - QuickSnip.NET [v0.1.1]

I've fixed some bugs and added some new features.

Just to highlight some of the new stuff, you can now choose which version of the framework to target, including 2.0, as long as the target version is installed. You can set a couple of compiler options and edit the references, including custom references to assemblies you may have written. Many of the settings will also be saved for use the next time the program runs (uses reboot's AppSettings class). Multiple instances can now be opened without affecting each other [Note: The last one closed wins as far as saved settings are concerned].

Feel free to PM me with questions, comments, suggestions, or bug reports.

Here is the change log:
[Bugs fixed]
- Running a new snippet could cause a previously opened file to be overwritten. Fixed
- Console.ReadLine doesn't work for C# when commented out. Fixed for single line comments only
- Ctrl+V shortcut for Paste doesn't work. Fixed

[new features]
- User can select which version of the framework to target.
- Console.ReadLine warning will now bring you to the identified spot in the editor when you click cancel.
- Added an options dialog.
- Settings get saved for the following items:
- Redirect output
- Compiler
- Framework version
- VB Options
- CS Options
- References
- Tested to work with version 2.0 of the .NET framework.
- Multiple instances can now be used without interfering with each other.
- Removed the "~\out" directory and replaced it with a temporary folder in the PC's temp directory under a new GUID. This folder is removed when the application terminates without error.
- User can edit option explicit and option strict settings for VB compiler
- User can allow/disallow unsafe code for C#
- User can edit references to both built-in assemblies and custom assemblies.

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