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Default SqlDatabaseUtilities - a data layer helper for SQL server

Basically this project is a set of classes that make it possible to read and write your .NET classes (and collections of same) to SQL Server tables.

For example suppose you have a table such as:
   Id uniqueidentifier NOT NULL,
   [Line 1] varchar(255) NULL,
   [Line 2] varchar(255) NULL,
   [Line 3] varchar(255) NULL,
   [Post Code] varchar(10) NULL,
   [User Name] varchar(220) NULL,
   Timestamp datetime NOT NULL
And you have an unique index on Id.

You can create a .NET class to mirror this table:-
<DatabaseTable("Address")> _ Public Class Address Private _Id As Guid Private _Line_1 As String = "" #Region "Id" <DatabaseField("Id", True)> _ Public Property Id() As Guid Get Return _Id End Get Set(ByVal value As Guid) _Id = value End Set End Property #End Region #Region "Line 1" <DatabaseField("Line 1")> _ Public Property Line1() As String Get Return _Line_1 End Get Set(ByVal Value As String) If Value <> _Line_1 Then _Line_1 = Value End If End Set End Property #End Region '--8<--------------------------------etc for other fields... End Class

Because this class has been marked with attributes (DatabaseTable() and DatabaseField() ) there is now sufficient information to read it and write it to the database table "Address".

For example to load the class with data from the table:-
Public Function GetHomeAddress(Byval Id As Guid) As Address Dim HomeAddress As New Address HomeAddress.Id = Id Dim SQLTableInterop As New SQLTableInterop(_connectionstring) SQLTableInterop.GetObjectDataFromTable(HomeAddress) Return HomeAddress End Function

and when you have changed the class you can save it back to the table thus:-
Dim SQLTableInterop As New SQLTableInterop(_connectionstring) SQLTableInterop.SetObjectDataToTable(HomeAddress)

This becomes more useful the more tables and classes your application involves...

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