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Default Shotguns not allowed...

If you have a question, take a moment to think about which ONE forum it would be best to post. In most cases, the answer is pretty obvious. But, if you can't decide, post it in the "General" forum, and if it belongs elsewhere, a moderator will move it. But, don't shotgun it by placing multiple copies in various forums.

Why not? Well, doing so actually tends to reduce the number of responses you get, for one. The regulars, who are the folks that you really want an answer from, know that multiple posts get removed, so they tend not to answer these posts when they notice that it's a duplicate.

In addition, nothing is more infuriating than when a member takes the time to answer a post, then moves to a different forum and sees that someone else has just posted essentially the same answer. It's a huge waste of time for BOTH the people who took the time to help! And don't think that this goes unnoticed. Someone who posts in multiple forums often automatically has one strike against them, before anyone even look at their post...

In summary - post a question in one forum only, and try to choose the forum which is the best match for your problem. We'll all be happier.
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