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Thumbs up Simple Telnet Client

This is astonishing to me. I have scoured the net and not found any simple tutorials on using telnet in vb 2005!

I just realized tonight that I cannot create a batch file to telnet to a host in DOS then run a few commands after the login. (sort of a no duh moment since dos RUNS telnet..and then waits for it to get done so you can't script inside of that!)

I found a pretty neat telnet scripting tool by Albert Yale, but I'd rather do it behind the scenes since this will be a tool that we use at work where others will see it in action. Not too professional really with that third party implementation.

I just need it to connect to a telnet client, send the user name and password, then run a cmd file on that machine.

In VB6 I would always use a winsock control to do this. How is it done in vb 2005? I keep seeing sockets and other terms used while scouring.

Anyone help a fellow out? Thanks!
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