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Default Why we don't do your homework

Getting an experienced developer to do your homework is bad for us, bad for you and bad for society.

It is bad for us because:
  • Homework problems are specifically chosen to demonstrate a particular aspect of programming so those of us who have learned that aspect (and could help) can learn nothing new
  • It reduces our enthusiasm to help others if we are inundated with homework requests
  • When you eventually join the work force, we will have to do our job AND your job while you learn what you should have learned in school...

It is bad for you because:
  • Our answers are likely to be more high level than your tutor anticipates, and he/she will know it is not your own work. Failing a class/expulsion is just not worth it.
  • If we do your homework, the only thing you will learn is how not to program. The world is already way too full of this type of people.

It is bad for society because:
  • If people get by with help, they take the place in university, or on industrial placement, and everywhere else, from people who are willing to learn. So there are less people qualified to do the work, so less people to help others and pretty soon nobody will know how to program.
  • After you are on the job, your assigned tasks/projects drag on, taking longer than they should, and thus costing more than they should, while you learn what you should have learned in school. Remember - in the end, these extra costs, direct or indirect, are not born by the company who hired you; they are all transferred, as cost overruns, or as additional overhead, to the consumer, which is to say, society, as a whole.

There is some good news though. We are willing to help you to understand your homework so that you can do if you approach things from that angle we can all get along.

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