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Ok guys here is the inverse, still in the rough, but growing every time I get a chance to work on it.

Imports (For the directory operations)

Public Sub UnZipFile(ByVal FileName As String, ByVal Destination As String) If Not Directory.Exists(Destination) Then _ Directory.CreateDirectory(Destination) Dim myShell As New Shell32.Shell Dim Compressed As Shell32.Folder = myShell.NameSpace(FileName) Dim ExtractTo As Shell32.Folder = myShell.NameSpace(Destination) ExtractTo.CopyHere(Compressed.Items()) End Sub

Only major issues I have found thus far is windows will allow you to cancel if the operation lasts long enough to see the progress indicator (Maybe hide this with findwindow and a hide message in the future?)

And when compressing the progress indicator starts and stays at 100%, however I have tested and windows does this as well when copying to a compressed file, so not a code issue it appears to be a windows issue.

Still going for anyone watching progress, I will eventually clean it up and maybe have a mod delete the progression when the final tut is up.

As well I am working on the legacy version, I have nothing to base the extraction progresion on from a code standpoint.
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