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Default Problem initiating DirectSound

Recently I have been using Mcisendstring to manage all the sounds in a game I am making, however MCI was being retarded, so I decided to switch to Directsound.

I have been following this tutorial to learn the basics about setting up Directsound:

my problem is that when I actually initiate a device or initiate a secondary buffer, VB won't load the program to debug it. I will push play, and it will sit there and after a while it will switch out of debug mode.

I have had this same problem when trying to debug without having all of my GIF images in the directory, so it wouldn't load the form and thus my program wouldn't load.

So any suggestions? All the code I'm using should be the same... and I'm Using express 08, Windows 7, and I don't know what version of DX I'm using.

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