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Default Moving beyond VB6 & DX7

Hi All

I'm looking for a little advice, I've recently completed making a medium sized 3D game in VB6 using a combination of directX7/8 and with the changes to DX in Vista/Win7 I'm now having trouble porting it to other platforms.

I'm looking to convert the code and engine to as I don't relish the thought of doing a complete re-code (at least I can do some copy and paste with although I am prepared to recode everything from scratch...

I've tried using XNA with C# and to be honest I don't quite get it (c#, not XNA), I use a custom model format which is basically just a list of vertices and textures co-ordinates.

So my questions are:
1) just how dead is DX9, I rather not spend the time learning a new API that will be unsupported soon although it seems very close to DX7/8
2) How user friendly is SlimDX, is XNA a better choice
3) do any of these API's allow the programmer enough low level control to render a triangle list primitive?
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