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Default Relationship between Setup and Console


I have a Setup Project that uses a console application to install a few prerequisite software applications that the setup project can't do for me automatically. The console application downloads and installs these applications in the predefined Application Directory entered in the Setup Project.

So much for background. Since there's an option for the user to change the installation directory of the Setup Project, the predefined path will no longer be valid and my console application will be installing the extra applications in the wrong location (currently the initial File Path in the console application is defined as a constant variable)

How do I pass the newly defined filepath into the console application so that i may dynamically install the extras in the correct place?

p.s. I know i can just disable the setup project's filepath selection and that way make sure the extras are installed in the only place i allow, but i would still like to be able to be dynamic and flexible in my installations.

thanks for any reply...
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