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Then you have more options than most. I'd check out MSDN for the proper way to do it with Package and Deploy Project Templates. I have no experience with that.

Regarding ClickOnce Deploy. There are some limitations with using it.
1) It only installs for the current user not the current machine.
2) No complex install capabilities.

If you use the ClickOnce Wizard from the project properties dialog (Last tab)
You can select "Install to a UNC path." When you do so you create an install package that resides on your network. Users that install from this location have apps that automatically check for a new version on start. If you run your wizard at a later date and update your network deployment the users installed app will upgrade to your latest version automatically on start.

As I said though you are making fixed links between your project --> Install Package --> Users Installs. Break them at your peril.
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