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Question shows me allways "Windows Installer" after Installation

(using VS2010 Prof, win7 64bit)
does anybody know why this code shows me at last a window called "Windows Installer", after the installation finishd.
I never saw it before, and I dont see any codeline wich could be the reason for that.
It doesn't seem to me like an errormessage. The informations inside could be usefull for me, but any other, wich try to use my app, will feel better without that, I guess.

So I'd like to please for answers, thanks a lot

Dim psi As New ProcessStartInfo
psi.UseShellExecute = true
psi.WorkingDirectory = Environment.CurrentDirectory
psi.FileName = Application.ExecutablePath
'psi.Verb = "runas"



Catch ex As Exception

 End Try

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