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Default VB.NET .exe file unable to run

Hey guys! First post here, so sorry if this is in the wrong section. I did a quick search and couldn't find much about this though, which is unfortunate

Basically, I'm trying to make a database system that will allow a youth group I'm in to be able to sort out our database a lot better, and be more efficient when calling the kids we look after.

My idea was to make a program that reads an excel file (the current database we have is in an excel file). It then makes a text file in a specified folder about each kid (so, for example, John Smith.txt would open up all the info about John Smith). Now, that's not an improvement on itself, but that's the unsorted folder. The sorted folder then sorts the kids into different grades, regions, and into families, so I could easily call all families with last name from A-F, then someone else could take families G-M etc. Or, I could call all the kids in grade 3, while someone else takes all of the kids in grade 4 etc, and same with regions (or cities/suburbs/states/whatever you want to call them).

In the sorted folder, instead of having a text file with all the kids again, it's got a Windows shortcut, so if you edit John Smith.txt, all the shortcut files will still direct to the text file and give you updated info .

So, I've made the program, tested it out, works perfectly from my end. I make it into .exe file, put it into separate folder, add a read me and a sample database, and run it, still works perfectly for me. I give it to my friend to run, works perfectly for him.

And then I give it to another friend, and on the 2 computers he's tried it on, before the program can even run, the error "WindowsApplication1.exe has stopped working, looking for solutions" or similar appears, and he can't run it. Thankfully he's a beta tester before everyone gets a hold of it, but I'd still like to know what's wrong so he can run it!

Does anyone have any ideas about why it's saying that, or how to fix it? In all my experience with coding (not much, but better than nothing), I haven't seen an error like this unless something went horribly wrong with the code, in which case that error would appear no matter what computer I tried it on!

Sorry for the long post, I'm tired and tend to ramble a lot when I'm tired :P

Any help is appreciated

Thanks in advance
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