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Default Entry Point Not Found

I recently released a new version to one of my programs, after which a user notified me of an error they received while installing, and when trying to run the program after installation. The error has completely stumped me, as I don't think it actually has anything to do with my code or compile or setup.

The first error, during install, was this:
The program includes a service, which as you can see, failed to install. I can't tell if this means the failure was actually in InstallUtil or in my service.

After the installation, they get this error trying to run:

I've looked at my own RPCRT4.dll and it has no such entrypoint. I looked up the I_RpcBindingSetPrivateOption and apparently it only exists in Windows 8. Some further research suggested restarting the computer, but that did not help. I suggested to the user that reinstalling .NET 4, its updates, and my program may help, and I'm still waiting back on a reply there.

They did use a prior version without issue. They say no recent changes have been made on their computer.

What the hell is going on?
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