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Default User Authentication: Custom Security

In our site (ASP.NET), we have different departments where department head can assign specific people to a specific security group.

The security group can read, add, modify, delete. Security group READONLY may be able to view the client screen, but only READADDMOD group can read, add, modify the screen. The page contain a NEW/SAVE button allowing appropriate user/usergroup to View, Add or Update records.

What would be a good (proper) approach to enabling/disabling the NEW/SAVE button for the appropriate group?

Is there anything like that build into the Membership/Role API authentication classes that I may have misunderstood it?

I read a lot on Membership API and either I don't get it or simply I just can find anything related to enabling/disabling specific function (button), show specific reports on a screen where it can be access by multiple group based on group security.

... happy coding ...
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