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Default Yahoo email connect

I've been playing around with a lot
of different code, that demonstrates
how to connect to mail servers.

Every one of them will connect to my isp
email account but none of them will connect
to my yahoo account.

I went one further and downloaded the mail.dll
email component and i'm even having the same
issue with a professionally coded email component.

Nothing will connect to yahoo, except for yahoo.

All i'm trying to do is make an email notifier that
lets me know when i have emails waiting on the server.

All i want to do is extract information about who the
email is FROM, Who the email was sent TO, the
SUBJECT and DATE and maybe even the SIZE of the
email and load that information into a listview control.

According to Limi Labs(makers of the mail.dll) port
110 is used when no SSL is used and port 995 when
SSL is used.

Anyway, the question isn't about the mail.dll but rather
about - if anyone else here has ever had trouble connecting
to a web server email like yahoo and if you have ever found
a work around for it?

I know vb net 2010, now is setup for pop3 and smtp email
service and i was wondering if anyone has ever used these
tools to connect to yahoo or any other web email service?
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