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Default RPG Dynamic Bitmap Class

I have some basic knowledge of BitBlt methods but I am trying to learn some of VB.Net approaches to Graphics manipulations.

I don't want to BitBlt or use XNA or DirectX API calls etc.

I found a nice class module called DynamicBitmap here:

The module is very good and works flawlessly so far. It even has some pathfinding and other things in it. The part I need for the moment is a simple yet effective way to move around a map.

I have tried various methods but seem to always leave artifacts in the screen of the player image as a trail or in other experiements the map underneath the player's image is rubbed out. I have also run into a problem where the picture box loses it's image/bitmap when some action is performed.

So is there a very simple lean project/solution that demonstrates how to move around a map in VB.Net. The class I am using is DynamicBitmap, and would prefer an example using that class module. It has alphablending for fog of war, which works well, transparent management and is really very good for my purposes. But for the life of me I just cant get a character to move around the map.

Please take a look at the linked class module or visit a tutorial site here to understand:

I want to use this module but have no idea how to get it to work for moving a character around the map and doing graphical manipulations.

If I get over this hurdle I will be able to focus on more important things. Any help is appreciated.
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