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Default POST after a POST

basically i'm looking for a way to POST to another page after receiving a POST from another page, web client or web request can do this but it is server-side, i needed to POST to a page and POST it automatically to another

here's what i currently have, it works but im still looking for an alternative if there is:

i have 3 sites that will be integrated
  1. Site 1: Front-end - this is where they will input the required data
  2. Site 2: Pass-through - this will handle the redirection depending on what domain it came from
  3. Site 3: Fulfillment - this is where the data is processed (HTTP POST only)

everything is entered in Site 1, submission will happen by POSTing to Site 2
Site 2 will validate everything and forwards (HTTP POST) the data to Site 3
Site 3 will process the data and returns the result to Site 2
Site 2 will then forward the result back to Site 1

Site 3 can be configured but it is designed only to return the result to single URL, hence the need for a pass-through so it can forward the result to its proper requester in-case another Site 1 will use it

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