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Default Play Multiple Sounds

I have had a few nightmares with API programming the past and want to avoid it as much as possible MCI string, I know can do the job but I want to keep clear of it. My other option was using something like a media player control with a playlist, but that won't be lean enough.

So since my App is a windows form app, I am thinking DirectX might have to be implemented for my game's sound only.

Two questions:
1. How do I get VB.Net 2010 to work with June 2010 DirectX SDK? I have Win7, VS 2010 and DX SDK Jine 2010. I can load up references through the broswe for DLL option. I can add Developer Tools\Manged DIrectX\ D3D.dll but I can't add the DX3D9 or 9.0c DLL's. I get an error asking me to make sure the DLL is a com object. I tried every DX9 dll in each of the managed DX folders, none load. I can add Microsoft.DirectX.3d but not Microsoft.DirectX.Sound.
2. Is DX my only realistic option for long living code that will hopefully work in future versions of WIndows? Also is it the only option I have in Windows Forms App?

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