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Talking ActiveX

I am new to the ActiveX world, so any info is gladly welcomed. I have created an ActiveX control using VS2010 and VB. It is registered, strong signed, etc. I am at the point now where my lack of knowledge is coming into play and I have worked up a nice headache .

In my code-behind for, I wish to call a function or set a property of the activeX control (i.e. Control1.DrawLine(new pointf(1,1))), but none of my public events that I created on the activeX control show up as an option.

I am currently getting the error: Value of type 'mycustomcontrol' cannot be converted to System.Web.UI.Control. The whole reason for me having to create it as an ActiveX control was so I could base it off of the windows usercontrol. Is it impossible to define this custom control in code-behind?
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