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Default How to change DirectDraw surface bitmap

Hi I'm fairly new to DirectDraw and I currently writing a simple app where the main loop draws a surface using DrawFast method, it looks something like this:

frm.backbuffer.DrawFast(Control.MousePosition.X, Control.MousePosition.Y, frm.MySurface, DrawFastFlags.DoNotWait Or DrawFastFlags.SourceColorKey)

the image I'm drawing is a bitmap loaded into the memory, here's initialization of the surface:

MySurface = New Surface(bmpImage, New SurfaceDescription, GraphicsCard)

The problem here is that the 'bmpImage' is changing while the program runs and I don't know how to update this changes into the sprite surface. I want to note that I'm NOT trying to draw an animated sprite, so using a bitmap image with few frames on it is not a solution - I'm drawing a bitmap that is constantly changing.
What I'm doing now to update the surface is restoring the whole surface every time when it is drawn with this method:

Public Sub RestoreSurfaces()
MySurface = New Surface(_BB, New SurfaceDescription, GraphicsCard)
Dim ck As ColorKey = New ColorKey
MySurface.SetColorKey(ColorKeyFlags.SourceDraw, ck)
ck = Nothing
Catch ex As Exception
End Try

I'm wondering is it a good way to update the surface image like that, or this is very slow and bad solution, if there is better solution, please let me know about it, thank you.
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