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Default VB to HP Unix to run Shell scripts

Our group has a bunch of unix shell scripts that need to be run.

The goal is the create an easy to use VB.Net (2010) GUI interface that sends commands to Unix to run shell scripts. And get a return that tells the end user that the script ran successfully or capture error messages when it did not. I also need to pass parameters to the Unix scripts from VB.

At present the end users can not handle HP Unix. They say it is to hard. Our group will not buy an off the shelf 3RD party solution if there is one. So that means we have to do it ourselves. So we need to create a VB App for the end users.

What do I need to do to get the above done. Is it using socket programming? Telnet? Are they the same? Can you point me to some tutorials/examples that can get me started? I have tried to google it myself but I have gotten somewhat confused on which way to go with this.

Thanking you in advanced
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