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Default tatts lotto game

I got a college assignment, would you please help me how to get this assignment below
in VB
please leave a reply...
Design Brief:
Create a program in or to create quick picks and verify your numbers against a draw for one offering from “”. Refer to

1. Build the app to create quick picks for one of the selected offerings from

2. Allow the user to enter the numbers from the most recent draw and check against the ticket.

3. Report any wins and the appropriate subdivision won.

4. Create separate functions for producing the correct number of random numbers, and checking the numbers against a draw.

5. Persist the data into non-volatile storage whenever the user presses the save button, closes the app or every 10 minutes when the app is running.

6. A user manual.

7. A test report including a table showing each field, entered data, expected outcome and actual outcome. Provide a column for comments.

8. Allow for up to a "regular" quick pick.
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