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That site said that their problem was with commodo
anti-virus firewall, of which i do have.

I completely shut that software down and i turned off
windows firewall as well, but still had the same results.

I'm clueless to as to what the problem could be. Lots of
people using both C# and VB Net are reporting the same
problem and there isn't any mention of a fix for this yet.

Now that MS has officially quit supporting xna, i'm going to
assume that they will never resolve this issue.

I have this issue when i create a new windows game project
and try to add support code for keyboard presses.

Somewhere online, i found code that basically creates the
xna game class by first opening a new windows forms application.

Then you just add a new class and name it Game1 and add the
supplied code to it. It's the same code already in an xna game
class. Then you add a module to your project and insert code that
tells the project to run. Then you delete the windows form and what
is left is an xna game class that does create and run a xna game

I added keyboard support code in the class and the keyboard works
great, so i stumped as to why that same code won't work with a
real xna game project.
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