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Default this the flow of my game sir and also the SS

 Private Sub GameBoard_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
        Call ScreenResolution()
        lblhostname.Text = Create.lblpname.Text
        Timer2.Enabled = True
        txtinbox.Enabled = False
        pic1.AllowDrop = True
        pic2.AllowDrop = True
        pic3.AllowDrop = True
        pic4.AllowDrop = True
        pic5.AllowDrop = True
        pic6.AllowDrop = True
        pic7.AllowDrop = True
        pic8.AllowDrop = True
        pic9.AllowDrop = True
        pic10.AllowDrop = True
        pic11.AllowDrop = True
        pic12.AllowDrop = True
        pic13.AllowDrop = True
        pic14.AllowDrop = True
        pic15.AllowDrop = True
        pic16.AllowDrop = True
        pic17.AllowDrop = True
        pic18.AllowDrop = True
        pic19.AllowDrop = True
        pic20.AllowDrop = True
        pic21.AllowDrop = True
        pic22.AllowDrop = True
        pic23.AllowDrop = True
        pic24.AllowDrop = True
        pic25.AllowDrop = True
        pic26.AllowDrop = True
        pic27.AllowDrop = True
        pic28.AllowDrop = True
        pic29.AllowDrop = True
        pic30.AllowDrop = True
        pic31.AllowDrop = True
        pic32.AllowDrop = True
        pic33.AllowDrop = True
        pic34.AllowDrop = True
        pic35.AllowDrop = True
        pic36.AllowDrop = True
        pic37.AllowDrop = True
        pic38.AllowDrop = True
        pic39.AllowDrop = True
        pic40.AllowDrop = True
        pic41.AllowDrop = True
        pic42.AllowDrop = True
        pic43.AllowDrop = True
        pic44.AllowDrop = True
        pic45.AllowDrop = True
        pic46.AllowDrop = True
        pic47.AllowDrop = True
        pic48.AllowDrop = True
        pic49.AllowDrop = True
        pic50.AllowDrop = True
        pic51.AllowDrop = True
        pic52.AllowDrop = True
        pic53.AllowDrop = True
        pic54.AllowDrop = True
        pic55.AllowDrop = True
        pic56.AllowDrop = True
        pic57.AllowDrop = True
        pic58.AllowDrop = True
        pic59.AllowDrop = True
        pic60.AllowDrop = True
        pic61.AllowDrop = True
        pic62.AllowDrop = True
        pic63.AllowDrop = True
        pic64.AllowDrop = True
        pic65.AllowDrop = True
        pic66.AllowDrop = True
        pic67.AllowDrop = True
        pic68.AllowDrop = True
        pic69.AllowDrop = True
        pic70.AllowDrop = True
        pic71.AllowDrop = True
        pic72.AllowDrop = True
        lbldate.Text = Date.Today
    End Sub
    Private Sub PictureBox_DragDrop(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.DragEventArgs) _
    Handles pic1.DragDrop, pic2.DragDrop, _
    pic3.DragDrop, pic4.DragDrop, pic5.DragDrop, pic6.DragDrop, _
    pic7.DragDrop, pic8.DragDrop, pic9.DragDrop, pic10.DragDrop, _
    pic11.DragDrop, pic12.DragDrop, pic13.DragDrop, pic14.DragDrop, _
    pic15.DragDrop, pic16.DragDrop, pic17.DragDrop, pic18.DragDrop, _
    pic19.DragDrop, pic20.DragDrop, pic21.DragDrop, pic22.DragDrop _
    , pic23.DragDrop, pic24.DragDrop, pic25.DragDrop, pic26.DragDrop, _
    pic27.DragDrop, pic28.DragDrop, pic29.DragDrop, pic30.DragDrop, _
    pic31.DragDrop, pic32.DragDrop, pic33.DragDrop, pic34.DragDrop, _
    pic35.DragDrop, pic36.DragDrop, pic37.DragDrop, pic38.DragDrop, _
    pic39.DragDrop, pic40.DragDrop, pic41.DragDrop, pic42.DragDrop, _
    pic43.DragDrop, pic44.DragDrop, pic45.DragDrop, pic46.DragDrop, _
    pic47.DragDrop, pic48.DragDrop, pic49.DragDrop, pic50.DragDrop, _
    pic51.DragDrop, pic52.DragDrop, pic53.DragDrop _
    , pic54.DragDrop, pic55.DragDrop, pic56.DragDrop, pic57.DragDrop, _
    pic58.DragDrop, pic59.DragDrop, pic60.DragDrop, pic61.DragDrop, _
    pic62.DragDrop, pic63.DragDrop, pic64.DragDrop, pic65.DragDrop, _
    pic66.DragDrop, pic67.DragDrop, pic68.DragDrop, pic69.DragDrop, _
    pic70.DragDrop, pic71.DragDrop, pic72.DragDrop

        'Check if data is present
        If Not e.Data.GetDataPresent(DataFormats.Bitmap) Then Exit Sub

        'Determine if it is a copy or move operation
        If CBool(e.KeyState And 8) Then
            ' Display the copy cursor.
            e.Effect = DragDropEffects.Copy
            e.Effect = DragDropEffects.Move
        End If

        'Get a reference to the current textbox control
        Dim ctlCurrent As PictureBox = DirectCast(sender, PictureBox)
        'Paste the image to drop
        ctlCurrent.Image = DirectCast(e.Data.GetData(DataFormats.Bitmap), Image)
    End Sub
    Private Sub PictureBox_DragEnter(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.DragEventArgs) _
    Handles pic1.DragEnter, pic2.DragEnter, _
    pic3.DragEnter, pic4.DragEnter, pic5.DragEnter, pic6.DragEnter, _
    pic7.DragEnter, pic8.DragEnter, pic9.DragEnter, pic10.DragEnter, _
    pic11.DragEnter, pic12.DragEnter, pic13.DragEnter, pic14.DragEnter, _
    pic15.DragEnter, pic16.DragEnter, pic17.DragEnter, pic18.DragEnter, _
    pic19.DragEnter, pic20.DragEnter, pic21.DragEnter, pic22.DragEnter _
    , pic23.DragEnter, pic24.DragEnter, pic25.DragEnter, pic26.DragEnter, _
    pic27.DragEnter, pic28.DragEnter, pic29.DragEnter, pic30.DragEnter, _
    pic31.DragEnter, pic32.DragEnter, pic33.DragEnter, pic34.DragEnter, _
    pic35.DragEnter, pic36.DragEnter, pic37.DragEnter, pic38.DragEnter, _
    pic39.DragEnter, pic40.DragEnter, pic41.DragEnter, pic42.DragEnter, _
    pic43.DragEnter, pic44.DragEnter, pic45.DragEnter, pic46.DragEnter, _
    pic47.DragEnter, pic48.DragEnter, pic49.DragEnter, pic50.DragEnter, _
    pic51.DragEnter, pic52.DragEnter, pic53.DragEnter _
    , pic54.DragEnter, pic55.DragEnter, pic56.DragEnter, pic57.DragEnter, _
    pic58.DragEnter, pic59.DragEnter, pic60.DragEnter, pic61.DragEnter, _
    pic62.DragEnter, pic63.DragEnter, pic64.DragEnter, pic65.DragEnter, _
    pic66.DragEnter, pic67.DragEnter, pic68.DragEnter, pic69.DragEnter, _
    pic70.DragEnter, pic71.DragEnter, pic72.DragEnter

        'Check the format of the data being dropped.
        If e.Data.GetDataPresent(DataFormats.Bitmap) Then
            'Checks if the CTRL key is held
            If CBool(e.KeyState And 8) Then
                'Display the copy cursor.
                e.Effect = e.AllowedEffect And DragDropEffects.Copy
                'Display the move cursor
                e.Effect = e.AllowedEffect And DragDropEffects.Move
            End If
            'Display the no-drop cursor.
            e.Effect = DragDropEffects.None
        End If

    End Sub
    Private Sub PictureBox_MouseMove(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.MouseEventArgs) _
    Handles pic1.MouseMove, pic2.MouseMove, _
    pic3.MouseMove, pic4.MouseMove, pic5.MouseMove, pic6.MouseMove, _
    pic7.MouseMove, pic8.MouseMove, pic9.MouseMove, pic10.MouseMove, _
    pic11.MouseMove, pic12.MouseMove, pic13.MouseMove, pic14.MouseMove, _
    pic15.MouseMove, pic16.MouseMove, pic17.MouseMove, pic18.MouseMove, _
    pic19.MouseMove, pic20.MouseMove, pic21.MouseMove, pic22.MouseMove _
    , pic23.MouseMove, pic24.MouseMove, pic25.MouseMove, pic26.MouseMove, _
    pic27.MouseMove, pic28.MouseMove, pic29.MouseMove, pic30.MouseMove, _
    pic31.MouseMove, pic32.MouseMove, pic33.MouseMove, pic34.MouseMove, _
    pic35.MouseMove, pic36.MouseMove, pic37.MouseMove, pic38.MouseMove, _
    pic39.MouseMove, pic40.MouseMove, pic41.MouseMove, pic42.MouseMove, _
    pic43.MouseMove, pic44.MouseMove, pic45.MouseMove, pic46.MouseMove, _
    pic47.MouseMove, pic48.MouseMove, pic49.MouseMove, pic50.MouseMove, _
    pic51.MouseMove, pic52.MouseMove, pic53.MouseMove _
    , pic54.MouseMove, pic55.MouseMove, pic56.MouseMove, pic57.MouseMove, _
    pic58.MouseMove, pic59.MouseMove, pic60.MouseMove, pic61.MouseMove, _
    pic62.MouseMove, pic63.MouseMove, pic64.MouseMove, pic65.MouseMove, _
    pic66.MouseMove, pic67.MouseMove, pic68.MouseMove, pic69.MouseMove, _
    pic70.MouseMove, pic71.MouseMove, pic72.MouseMove

        'Nothing to do if no mouse button is pressed.
        If e.Button = 0 Then Exit Sub

        'Get a reference to the current PictureBox control
        Dim ctlCurrent As PictureBox = DirectCast(sender, PictureBox)

        'If we get here, it means that the mouse is 
        '   being dragged outside the control.

        'Store the image to be drag into a DataObject object
        Dim objDO As New DataObject
        objDO.SetData(DataFormats.Bitmap, ctlCurrent.Image)
        'Starts the drag operation
        Dim effect As DragDropEffects = DragDropEffects.Copy Or DragDropEffects.Move
        effect = ctlCurrent.DoDragDrop(objDO, effect)

        'This portion of code will run after the code has been dropped.
        'Delete the image if it was a move.
        If effect = DragDropEffects.Move Then
            ctlCurrent.Image = Nothing
        End If
    End Sub

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