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Default Solve Some Confusion


I feel like my worlds imploding here, lol.

I spent the day at the library trying to figure out where game developers were on VS2013. I tried getting XNA game studio 4.0, but found out it wouldn't work. Was told the fix was downloading some Microsoft market place game thing. Downloaded that. XNA game studio 4.0 installer started, but needed prerequisite files (Some kind of windows phone files). Wasn't sure where to find them

Got sidetracked into Monogame. Apparently they aren't set up for Vs2013..

Tried learning about DirectX, but couldn't really figure out what to download to make all this work...

In the end I learned that both DirectX and XNA where dropped projects...

lol, I'm die'n here...

Anyone one no where to start with game dev of 2D games on windows 8 with VS2013?

Thanks in advanced for any info. Definitely hating the confusion here
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