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Default Question Regarding Cookies & Winsock

Ok so I'm working on this program that connects to a website that is vbulletin based. The program is a simple and fast way to make a post on specific threads in the forum without opening the website in the browser. It does login to the site, and I have the packets for each of the specific forums that this program will post on. However my confusion comes from how to use the cookie. I searched online and found a source for pretty much the exact same thing I'm doing.

Packet = Packet & "Cookie: " & SP(6) & "; " & SP(3) & "; " & SP(4) & "; " & SP(5) & "; " & SP(1) & ";" & vbNewLine
I understand this, how they split and everything. but I'm not sure why they don't use every part of the cookie, or which part would be required.
If more information is needed let me know.
Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me

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