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Default how to browse and copy files in a password protected network folder

I'm building a VB.Net 2005 application that must perform the following tasks:

1. browse files in a network folder;

2. examine each file's attributes (file name, date created, date modified); and

3. based on the attributes read in task 2, selectively copy some of the files to another network location.

The issue is that the source folder (and probably the destination folder) requires an Active Directory username and password for access (which I have). I don't know which classes and methods will allow me to specify login credentials in code, so that the application will be granted rights to do all of the above. (I know that My.Computer.Network.Download allows you to include login credentials, but that will only perform task 3, and it's possible that different credentials may be needed in the source and target folders.) Thanks in advance.
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