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Default Text over image before save!

Hello! I am The Bro.

I have very limited skills in visual basic but Im trying to help out my friend by creating a thumbnail "generator/creator" for his new hobby, making youtube vids.

I want the program to have drag and drop that resizes the original image to 320x180 and that inserts the text from 3 different textboxes onto the resized image before saving it.

My Idea

Check the link to see what I mean.

As of now I have a panel with a fixed size of 320x180, I cant get drag and drop to work and change its background.
I have 3 textboxes that changes the text on 3 labels that are above the panel.
I can get browse to work, but I much much rather have drag and drop.

I hope I make any sense and that you guys can help me with this!
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