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Question Visual Basic.NET Binary File Access

I am going absolutely nuts moving from VB.6 to

I am trying to read a binary file without success.

The VB6 code was:

strStimulusFile = "000000.BIN"
Open strStimulusFile For Binary Access Read As #1 │
Get #1, , intSignal │
Close #1

[The file is from a speech corpus developed at the Air Force Research Laboratory and described in “A speech corpus for multitalker communications research” by Robert S. Bolia, W. Todd Nelson, Mark A. Ericson and Brian D. Simpson, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 107, 1065 (2000);]

I want to read the file and then play it through my audio system (using Tucker-Davis Technologies ( gear. I can e-mail a copy of the file if needed.

Can anyone assist?
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