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Default Suggestions

- For creating and manipulating Your database, i would recommend you use some sort of ORM. That will help you a lot in defining and accessing the db, and let you work With Objects instead of datasheets. In my opinion the best one for .Net is NHibernate. It will work against most types of SQL databases (you did not mention which one you will be using, but SQLExpress, MySQL or PosgreSQL are Your best options). There are plenty of tutorial videos on youtube for this.
- When it comes to Charts, .Net has a build-in chart Control ( However that may not be the best, and using a 3rd party Control will simplify it and probably make it look better (, I'm sure you can find some freeware ones aswell.
- Dynamically updating the data in the webpage is just a matter of adding a timer to your page, and update the data now and again.
- When it comes to creating the DB and fill the data from Your spreadsheets, most db engines have routines for this. In SQLExpress for instance, you can easily import data from an Excel spreadsheet into tables. The tables must be predefined, but you should let Your ORM handle that part anyway.

Hope that gets you started.
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