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Default Set Windows/Desktop working area

Hi all!
It's been several years since I posted my last thread in this forum! Last time here I was with VB6 I've been following the .NET forum, but now it's time to ask the experts!

Well, I'm making an application which will communicate with another one running in an IE. The current version of the application is AlwaysOnTop but users are complaining everyday because the app is "over" IE and "it disturbs the view".

What I'm trying to achieve is the app keeps staying AlwaysOnTop (done!) and it will position on top of the desktop. The application is like a bar, like Windows Taskbar (a bit bigger). But the "thing" is: when this app is running, the available desktop area must be "fit" outside the app. I mean, the app is on top of the screen and IE and any other application/window, when it get meximized, must be "below" the app. I don't know if someone will understand what I'm trying to explain... I'm attaching an image (an image is worth 1000 words).

The point is: how to make my app to hace the same behavior as Windows Taskbar for maximizing other applications. Whan maximizing applications, they don't cover Windows Taskbar. That is what I want.

I've been looking for it but I don't know how to achieve this.
By the way, I'm using VB 2010.

Thank you very very much!
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