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Question .Net 4.0 Required Additional Installer?

hope every active user on this forum are fine.

I am facing a problem; Let me tell in detail..

I just started working on (mainly I am vb6 coder). But as many suggest to upgrade to .net so do I.

At Betting I choose .net framework 2.0 and it has less issue for installer. Because .net framework 2.0 can install by it self on any os (tested on xp sp3).

But again suggested by expert to always use latest .net framework to get most out of it so, I started with .net framework 4.0

But now when I try to run the installer I faced following issue:

1. On windows xp sp3 32bit
a) .net framework 4.0 can't install it required following 2 files
b) Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1
c) Microsoft Windows Imaging Component (WIC)

d) while after installing (MSW Installer 3.1) it ask to restart the pc.

so, I installed 3.1 x86 and wic and install the .net 4.0 then it run my main apps.

2. On windows7 sp1 64bit
now I tried to setup 3.1 (windows installer x86) and it shows following massage:
This Update for Microsoft Windows (KB971513) is for a different hardware platform.
so, I think it asking for x64 version of windows installer 3.1

so, I am getting so confused. how to make a perfect installer.

because there are many different type of os. like
a) XP 32bit
b) XP 64bit
c) Vista 32bit
d) Vista 64bit
e) 7 32 bit
f) 7 64 bit
g) 8 32 bit
h) 8 64 bit
I) 8.1 32 bit
j) 8.1 64 bit

to setup .net framework 4.0 perfectly on all os what should I do?

1. which windows installer should I use 3.1 or 4.5 (latest)
a) if I use 4.5 instead of 3.1 will .net 4.0 install properly?
b) which version to include wit installer 64 bit or 32 bit? I have 1 exe file for .net for x86 and x64 both but don't found same for windows installer?
c) which OS need windows installer installed before .net framework to be only xp or what? (it's not possible for me to try on all os )

2. which wic should i use?
a) 64 bit or 32bit?
b) which OS need wic installed before .net framework to be only xp or what? (it's not possible for me to try on all os

is there any shortest way to make perfect installer that will shorten my hassle?

thanks in advance
best regards
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