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Default Install VS2008

Due to the fact my computer had a severe problem and went back to the factory to be repaired, I had to reinstall Visual Studio 2008(Professional). The reinstall seemed to go perfectly, but when I try to load a project it the installation seems to be complete. I load the "work In Process" partially complete program and it too loads, apparently. When I try to access a windows form I click the name of the form in the "Solution Explorer" I get the error message starting with the words "There is no editor available. Make sure the application for file type .vb is available". This happens even n the situation where I make the attempt immediately after closing the form. The "Solution Explorer" seems to indicate that saving the for works, but recalling is missing something.

The installation went perfectly, no messages, no errors. Does anyone know how to fix the problem, reinstallation and repair installation doesn't seem to help.

The VS install disk I am using is the same one I used in the first, successful installation over a year ago.



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