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Angry Data Value Does Not Show

Using Visual Basic 2010 with an SQL Server 2005 database. There are four Windows forms, three of which represent a collection and the fourth is a loan record available to all three collections.

The problem which sounds simple defied my ability to resolve.

The data on the collections form is filled using a data adapter. I have no problem saving any details to the database. When I call a form (which contains 16 controls) the data fills almost perfectly. One field, a small integer refuses to fill. The data is in the database, the control was created by dragging from the data source and there are no errors shown or present but the one control refuses to fill. All of the definitions seem to me to be correct but the control simply refuses to fill.

I started this program in Visual Basic 2010 (ultimate) and after three full days of trying I downloaded and installed Visual Basic 2013 (express) and the results are the same. I have changed the receiving control from Text Box to Label since the detail to be presented is informational only and will not be changed by the User, to no avail.

Hopefully someone can help me figure out why this is happening and how to fix it.

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