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Smile Excel 2010 2012 Automation

what i'm attempting to do is write values to an excel spreadsheet , i don't want the workbook to open , i just wanna write the values without overwriting the values from yesterday or the day before ,
can someone guide me or maybe even show me how to accomplish this better

this is what i have on a button click for right now

'---------------//Code starts here //-------------------------
'// Data insert to excel
Dim xlApp As Excel.Application
Dim xlWorkBook As Excel.Workbook
Dim xlWorkSheet As Excel.Worksheet
Dim myDay As String
Dim MyMonth As String
Dim MyYear As String
Dim offset As String
Dim Mydirectory As String
Dim MyExtension As String
Dim MyFileName As String
Dim FileCheck As String
Dim c1 As String
Dim time As DateTime = DateTime.Now
'xlApp.DisplayAlerts = False
offset = 9

'get month
myDay = Format(Now, " d ")
MyMonth = Format(Now, " mm ")
'get year
MyYear = Format(Now, " yyyy ")
'working directory
Mydirectory = "C:\REPORT\"
'----Start Excel---------------------------------------------
'Excel extension
xlApp = New Excel.Application
xlWorkBook = xlApp.Workbooks.Open("C:\REPORT\report.xlsx")
xlWorkSheet = xlApp.Worksheets("Daily")

xlApp.DisplayAlerts = False
' xlWorkBook = xlWorkSheet(1)

xlApp.Visible = False
c1 = 234
' Need the 12,19,19 to be replace by the Current day of the month myday but remed out statements do not work
xlApp.Cells(19 + offset, 2).Value = DateTime.Now
xlApp.Cells(19 + offset, 3).Value = 123 'mData0 old display value variable
xlApp.Cells(19 + offset, 4).Value = 234 'mData0 old display value variable
' xlApp.Cells(myDay + offset, 5).Value = 345 'mData0 old display value variable
' xlApp.Cells(myDay + offset, 6).Value = 456 'mData0 old display value variable

With xlApp.ActiveSheet
' .ColumnWidth = .ColumnWidth * 2.5
'.HorizontalAlignment = xlCenter
xlWorkBook.Saved = True
xlApp.DisplayAlerts = False

xlApp = Nothing
xlWorkBook = Nothing
xlWorkSheet = Nothing

End With

End Sub
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