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Default persistently getting "it is an error..."

I am learning using the Darie/Barnett book (3rd edn) and while most of the stuff works well, I inconsistently get a long error message which starts "it is an error to..." and has to do with the web.config file, IIS, and that sort of thing. I am using the native "Cassini" server and have not touched IIS at all. I have searched for a cure for this problem (it seems I'm not alone!) and most people seem to suggest that the problem lies in having either a duplicate web.config file or having one in the wrong place. I have only one web.config file and that is located in the root directory of the project, which is where I understand it should be. Do I need to modify it in some way, and if so, how? Would it be better to not use Cassini at all? I run a WAMP server on my other machine for PHP, but have no experience whatsoever with IIS. So be gentle with me!! ;-)
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