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Default Re: Having a WWPD moment..

First off --sorry for this long post without any code updates to post.

You're probably wondering what "WWPD" stands for?

Well, I'm sure you've all seen those WWJD bumper stickers.
(where WWJD stands for "What Would Jesus Do")

Unfortunately Jesus didn't write computer source code,
so in situations where some code is needed,
(and I don't have any programmers/coders to talk to or consult with one on one offline),
I've created (in my head) a virtual avatar version of passel.

Thus "WWPD" stands for:
"What would passel do?" (to solve a particular coding challenge)

Unlike the real passel, my personal avatar version of him is available 24/7 to mentor me.

The downside - the avatar can't solve coding issues like the real passel can.

It's basically only my own mind trying to debug itself
and develop workarounds that hopefully lead to a solution.

So the issue today (that my mind won't let go of,
on a slow boring Sunday) is:
Alright, I've got the quaternions rotation code working with multiple 3D objects,
but how can a similar (but more general) solution be created for the
Perspective Warp code?

My passel avatar is standing with his arms crossed across his chest,
looking at me with the piercing eyes of a master software engineer, saying:
"You already know the answer"

"I do?" I respond warily..

My passel avatar lets out a breath of...annoyance? exasperation?

"I'll give you a hint --you are working with a class that doesn't have the functionality you need.
So how do you modify it?"

" mean change the way it operates...I guess maybe modify/overwrite the existing class constructor.."

The passel avatar raises one eyebrow in a very Spock-like manner.
Which is the avatar's non-verbal way of saying:
"interesting..but somewhat wrong (not altogether right)".

"No wait..I meant to say 'create a new class constructor..' "

The passel avatar moves his hands to his hips and leans in to say:
"Enough with the me the code!"

Of course my personal avatar version of passel is much more stern
and demanding than the real life passel
(but I need this because I'm basically a very lazy coder).

But the avatar is loosely based on every thread passel has ever posted.

Here are the two posts where he uses the word "blather"/"blathering":

Of course, everyone also knows passel's work:
"..mostly involved simulators so the programming is mostly integration,
connecting different computers or hardware or applications together
to provide a simulation training environment for things like trains, planes,
submarines, and automobiles (planes include mostly helicopters as of late)."

..and at work he has:
"3000 source files for the Radar Data Processing Set simulation. And more
than 3000 more for the Pipelined Digital Radar Landmass Simulation. Then
there's the rest of the simulator, the Avionics, the Aerodynamics,
Electrical system, etc..."

"I don't know how many computers,
but around a 100 processors of all types, from old Concurrent machines,
Dec Alphas, embedded 68030, and TI DSP, and old Transputer matrixes,
all working together, passing more messages, with an oddball mixture of
big endian to little endian and back conversions.."

I sort of imagine he has a huge office with a 15 foot wide "L"-shaped CAD-engineer-type workstation,
with multiple computers, all super-overclocked, and using multiple top-of-the-line nVidia graphics cards,
feeding 6 huge monitors running IDEs in all kinds of programming languages..

That's based on these posts mentioning different languages passel has used over the years:

post mentioning ADA/Fortran:

post mentioning ADA/C++

post mentioning CMS-2 (Navy) and Jovial (AirForce)

post mentioning C++ and asm:


Here's what I can't even say to avatar version of passel
(much less the real one):
"But I'm really not comfortable working with classes"

Because everyone on the .net side of the forum knows that .Net is all about classes,
(and no .Net programmer would ever admit to not being thoroughly "embrace-ful" of classes
and writing class code, because "it should be as natural as breathing").

Of course, it was different with VB6 (VB Classic) because dealing with classes (like using a .cls module in every project) wasn't really required.

In fact, there was only one good book that really extensively explored the
use of classes under the "classic" version of VB (as noi_max recommended here).


..and I guess this is the point at which I whine a little about the VS.Net IDE.

I know "it's a poor programmer that blames his tools",
but VS.Net is so slick in some ways
(like how you can drag the tabs around)
and so totally dumb (unhelpful) in others.

For instance,if you were to add a second button to the form,
(automatically named Button2) and double-click it,
the Windows forms designer would create a second event procedure:
Private Sub Button2_Click( _
    ByVal sender As System.Object, _
    ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _
    Handles Button2.Click
End Sub
However if you have a project that only has one button (Button1),
and paste that same code into the form,
it would be nice if there was at least an option
to have it pop up a dialog and say:
"Would you like to add Button2 to the form?"

(Sort of like when VB6 would ask about creating a control array)

..and if you said yes, the button would not only be created but
auto-positioned directly below Button1, sized similarly,
with a nice looking gap between the two buttons
(instead of what I imagine the default would
be - to place it in the middle of the form).

There's also the way the VS.Net IDE let's you add a class to a project,
by right clicking on project,
add > new item > and then
select class from the new item dialog

However what if you wanted to create a class that was based on an existing class (already within the project)?
Would you create a blank class then copy/paste the previous class code?

I do that sometimes when creating "branches" from "trunk" code,
(where I'm experimenting with different types of class code).

Of course the old "copy/paste the whole project/solution folder"
works as well.

That's my workaround for not having a multi-undo History slider like Adobe Photoshop:

Wouldn't it be nice, though, if you could click on the tab
showing the existing class (or the file in the solution explorer)
and have a option on the right click menu like:
"Clone new class",
where the dialog would pop-up to give you an option for a new class and/or file name,
then automatically copy over the existing class code into the new class.

I know it sounds like I'm being nitpick-y.

The VS.Net IDE is way better than working with any version of the Eclipse IDE.

However in terms of creating classes I would also like
some kind of wizard that would save just a little bit of typing.

Such a wizard might have combo drop downs for creating different types of standard
class constructors (like "New") and maybe be linked in with the snippet database,
containing class code the programmer has used in other projects,
which VS.Net doesn't really have (and yes, I know there are extensions for this,
but what if you are using an express version that doesn't support extensions).

It just seems like the VS.Net IDE should have someway
to "learn" how a programmer does things over time,
and provide increasing helpful ways
of shortening the coding workflow (and typing needed).


Ultimately, though, my personal passel avatar always fails me.
Because I usually end up saying something like:
"Just tell me what is the code I need...PLEASE!"

His response is always:
"I am the zen-master of all VB graphics,
so I can only tell you to think of the problem as a koan and
work through it yourself.
That is the path to true enlightenment"

..and them he takes a step back toward his super engineering workstation desk and fades from sight.

That's why I'm glad the real passel
always keeps hanging around the forum
even though he probably gets enough coding from his day job.

(..and sorry again, to both passel and everyone else if this post is just complete "blather"..)

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