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Cool Curious About Internet Transfer Control And Malicious Sites

I am using the Microsoft Internet Transfer control and I have a list of URL starting points, but I am spidering off those sites.

The main Inet line I am curious about is:
b() = objInet.OpenURL(objInet.URL, icString)
It chugs along and does what I want, but it has come across some sites that Avast has said it blocked due to malicious code on that site.

I am saving that b() value using Binary Access Write to a .txt file that I parse with another routine.

I get that Avast recognizes patterns in data that matches those in the Avast virus/trojan/pup database and alerts me, but I am wondering when the Internet Transfer Control is getting the chunks of data and writing them to the binary file (which I gave the extension of .txt NOT htm or html) if any of that code from that website is actually executed behind the scenes in the Inet control.

I suspect it is just writing the data directly from the source and as long as I do not write it to an htm or html and click on it or type the URL into my browser, it cannot execute the malicious code.

Or... does the ITC actually navigate to each site behind the scenes. Even if this were the case, I would think the ITC for VB6 is too old to be able to even run the malicious scripts of today, but I could be wrong.

I am curious, not concerned. Avast seems to be doing a bang up job of catching everything and I have a bare image on my VB 6 dev PC. After spidering the sites I have here and parsing them I will blow this image out and start fresh. To spider all the sites and get the data I want will take a few hours so I'm not too worried about being hacked.

Yes I am screen scraping a little, but it is just a time saving thing for me if it works (which it seems to be at the moment). I could collect this data manually, but why?

Btw, I tried to do this in Python and I believe it actually does navigate and I could not get Resume Next to work (I gave up) and my script would stop and crash. Isn't VB great?
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