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Using the ITC isn't very "direct" at all, since it just pulls strings to make the puppet dance inside the big ball of software making up IE (or at least the portion of IE that was split off a few versions of Windows ago). I would expect linked resources such as stylesheets, script, images, etc. to be fetched and cached as well as triggering antivirus hooks. Your experience seems to prove that an HTML resource does indeed get parsed when fetched, though I would not expect scripts to be executed since the rendering engine (Trident) does not get called.

About the only reason I can imagine the ITC being used in the last 15 years might be access to the extinct FTP protocol, something Microsoft stopped implementing as usage died out around the year 2000. You rarely see FTP in use today outside the Mad Max dystopia of cheap LAMP hosting.

For HTTP we've had far better alternatives for a very long time. Look at the WinHttpRequest object for example, which has been stable and part of Windows since Win2K SP3/WinXP SP1.

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