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Default deploying Microsoft Access database engine 2010

I made an application which needs to interface with an access database. With the deployment it installs "Microsoft Access database engine 2010" when necessary.
The problem is that I ran into a system (64 bit) that has office business installed (2010). This has no access and therefore the "Microsoft Access database engine 2010" needs to be installed. This installation goes well but when installed, his normal Word and excel (not outlook' startsa the installer when it starts up. The installer wants to start `configuring` but than gives a error 1907, that he can not install a font. He has administrator rights...

Now, this error keeps coming when opening word or excel. Only by de/installing the Microsoft Access database engine 2010 it is gone.

The problem is that I have also no test machine with office business installed. With a 64/bits computer with normal office proffesional installed there is no problem...

Who can help me==
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