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Gruff is correct.

But, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, since it appears that you are simply trying to split the 'fields' from the source string, use the SPLIT Function. i.e. Something along this approach:
Dim s() = SPLIT(Ler_linha_de_registos,";") ' OR Dim s() = Ler_linha_de_registos.Split(";") At this point, your array s has 12 elements. Now, assign to the fields With bs .nome = s(0) .morada = s(1) .idade = s(2) ' ... .apoios =s(11) End With

One final point - when you link to an image, rather than attach the image directly to the message using the Manage Attachments button, the availability of that image here is dependent upon the another site. If the other site is down for any reason, or you remove the image from that site, then the content goes away here...
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