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Default Seeking a decent drag and drop html editor for app

My company is developing a software app in and as a part of it we want to give clients the ability to create landing pages using a drag and drop type of editor. We are looking for something similar to sites like Basically you have a blank canvas and a toolbar, in that toolbar you have several things like text label, text box, buttons, image, etc. This will be for the purpose of allowing clients to drag and drop elements onto the page and create their own pages.

We are seeking something that works kind of like CkEditor. We have used it before, it works like any other control. When html needs to be saved you simply read the data from the control in your code behind and save the data to your database. So in a drag and drop editor we are looking for just about the same, but with drag and drop ability.

We understand that we will most likely not get something like this for free, so we are definitely open to commercial products. If anyone reading this has any experience working with something like this, please point me in the right direction. Thank you.
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