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Default GD_Eye_3D_viewer

A very minor update to cleanup the PS7 code attachment.
Added layer visibility checkboxes and some branding that brought
the attachment to close to the forum limit of 2MB.

I have a version that incorporates more of the gFill class stuff,
but it's too large to upload so this may be the end of the line for this thread.

I've been approached by a guy whose company is in a local tech incubator.
He has a prototype of a 3D printer (with laser scanner combo) device.

I modified this attached code to do patching of the 3D meshes after scanning,
using a modified version of the delaunay triangular code from this thread,
and then spit out 3D printing oriented g-Code (similar to what slic3r does).

He seems happy with the demo code even though it has a little pre-beta roughness-around-the-edges.

I'm supposed to meet with him and his IP (Intellectual Property) attorney later this month,
and I'm thinking that after the meeting this code will get smothered by an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) blanketing.

It's strange how these things go...oh well.
Hopefully everyone viewing this thread will realize how totally unique it was..
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