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Default drag and drop, web parts, jquery

Just in case no one else posts any replies in this thread..

We are seeking something that works kind of like CkEditor.
I had to be the one to point this out (since you say "We have used it before"),
but CkEditor is open source and has a github page.

Personally I have this page bookmarked for the "Source (Big Ní Slow)" link at the bottom.

If you read through this StackOverFlow page (which discusses using ASP.Net with WebParts in non-IE browsers), I agree with the quote on that page:
I strongly recommend not to use ajax for this task..
Mainly because ASP.Net is a little behind what's going on in the javascript coding "space".

I've used JQuery with just about every drag-n-drop web "app" I've had to implement, because it's very robust cross-browser compatibility.

However that last link on that StackOverFlow page is probably your best starting point if you have to go with ASP.Net.
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