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Default Unexpected Index Change.

Could any one hint me in the right direction why the code shown below, (not every time, but once in a while) would change the index of the controls in the controlcollection?

    Public Overrides Function Layout(container As Object, layoutEventArgs As LayoutEventArgs) As Boolean
        Parent = TryCast(container, TabControl)
        If Parent IsNot Nothing Then
            For I As Integer = 0 To Parent.Controls.Count - 1
                Tp = TryCast(Parent.Controls.Item(I), TabPage)
                If Tp IsNot Nothing Then
                    With Tp
                        .Header.Bounds = New Rectangle(I * Parent.HeaderWidth.ToInteger, 0, Parent.HeaderWidth.ToInteger, Parent.HeaderHeight.ToInteger)
                        .Visible = Tp.Header.IsSelected
                    End With
                End If
        End If
        Return False
    End Function
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