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As Goggy has said, you need to check where the boat is in comparison to all other objects. Given the simplicity of your map, you could simply create a 2D array that stores whether the relevant pixel is water or an object.

Imagine your image is 600x600. In the top corner, you have 1 square object that is 150x150. You would create an array
Dim Map(599, 599) As Int
Then define the object:
Dim x As Int
Dim y As Int

For x = 0 To 149
    For y = 0 To 149
        Map(x, y) = 1
    Next y
Next x
Now, when you move your boat you can use it's .Top, .Left, .Width and .Height properties to determine if it's hit anything by checking those co-ordinates against your array. If any of the array elements where the boat is are 1, it has hit something.
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