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Default best database platform for simple application

I'm designing a new application that requires basic database functionality (about a dozen tables, fairly simply queries, CRUD operations, etc.). The end users will be non-technical folks, and remotely located, so everything has to be as idiot-proofed as possible. I have extensive experience designing, coding and supporting an application with similar requirements using VB 6 (and an Access database created by the application during its initial run), and could easily use those old technologies, but for obvious reasons I would like to move up to VB.Net under VS 2017.

Some additional requierments for the application:
1. The application must NOT rely on any component or library (reporting tools, database access objects, MS office libraries, any particular version of the Dot Net Framework, etc.) being already present on the end user's machine, and the installation package must include and automatically install whatever's needed.
2. The application must run on Windows XP and all later versions of Windows (which I assume means it must target Dot Net Framework version 4.0).
3. The database used must require zero administration by the end user, and be royalty-free.
4. The application must include some basic reporting functionality, and be royalty-free.

I've got lots of experience using VB.Net with SQL Server in an enterprise environment, but that's not appropriate for this application. I've played around a bit with SQL Server Express 2014 (I'm developing on a Windows 7 machine, so the 2016 version is not an option), an Access database created via OLEDB, an Access database created via DAO, etc., but have run into problems with all of them.

So, my questions are:
1. What database platform would be the most appropriate?
2. Which reporting tool would be best?

Thanks in advance.
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