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Default Form Designing for Touch Screen

Hi Gurus.

I have been here after a very long long time period.

I have a little question regarding Interface designing hope i will find here reply for this.
I'm Using Visual Studio 2012.

Required scenario.

I want to Display Buttons on run time. (Buttons can be near to 150).
But due to screen size limitation i cannot display all on a Form.
so i use Flow-layout Panel to Display the buttons. I have added all the Button on Run-time to the Panel. Due to Size of Panel only 20 Button can be displayed at startup.
How can navigate Next 20 Buttons by Pressing the Page-down Button (or any thing other).
I dont want to use SCROLLBAR option for navigation.

Hope i have told my problem briefly.
I'm developing interface for TOUCH SCREEN POS.

There are too many Question that looks Odd
But it helps more to Learn
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