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Default Don't ask for help with code that could be used Maliciously

If you are about to ask a question, think to yourself first "Can this be used maliciously?". If the answer to this question is yes then don't ask it here. We will not tolerate talk of any malicious code at all. This may not be your intention, but having this information on our site is not something we want. We do not want to propagate this type of activity.

This includes but is not limited to things such as:
Disabling Ctrl+Alt+Del
Hiding your program from the processes list
Mass mailing (SPAM) applications
Joke software, we don't care if it is only a joke
Anything that says, "Without the user knowing"
Subclassing|Magnetic Forms|Operator Overloading (VB2K5)|QuickSnip.NET

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